Flag Competition


Flag Rules for Each Inn

There will be no competitive banners this year.  Each Inn is to have a flag that will be carried into the games preceding its athletes.  The Inns have complete discretion as to what material the flag is made from; colors, design and wording.  Of course, no profanity or vulgarity should appear on the “official flags.”

It is suggested that:

  1. The core color of each Inn’s flag be that Inn’s color for the games;
  2. The flag should have some reference to the Justice Games/Olympics.

Requirements for the flag:

  1. The size of the flag must be 3’ x 5’;
  2. The flag must be designed to be carried on a pole, which should also be provided by the Inn, for the introduction ceremonies;
  3. The Inn’s name must appear on the flag.

The flag may be handmade or professionally sewn. The flags are not competitive. Rather, each Inn shall receive a “participation” point that will be added to that Inn’s overall Justice Games score.  There will be no individual prize or award for the flags.