We’ve gotten a number of very good questions about this year’s Justice Games.  As they keep coming in, we’ll do our best to keep this page updated – so check back in between training sessions!

General Questions

  • Where are the Justice Games this year?
    • At the Stetson College of Law Tampa Campus, 1700 N Tampa St, Tampa, Florida.
  • What should I wear?
    • This year’s Games’ theme is the Olympics!  The Games will be held inside and outside, so dress comfortably.  No suits!  Each Inn has selected a color, and we recommend that each Inn wear wear your team shirt and any team spirit attire you want to add, bring your best friendly trash talk and team spirit, and if you are a tug of war participant, please consider bringing gloves to prevent blisters.  Official Justice Games T Shirts in each Inn’s color can be purchased here.
  • What’s to eat?
    • This year the Justice Games are being catered by Lakeland BBQ!
    • A vegetarian option is available.  Please make sure you indicate the selection at the time of ticket purchase.
  • How do I win?
    • Inns will compete in five exciting events for medals which will earn each Inn points toward the coveted Justice Games trophy.  Inns will also receive participation points for bringing a team flag to be used in the Opening Ceremonies!
    • There is also a Congeniality trophy this year for the Inn that completes the most outreach and community service at this year’s Games.  Inns will bring pop tabs to donate to the Shriner’s Hospital for children. Each Inn’s collective tabs will be weighed and the Inn with the most tabs will win points towards the Congeniality trophy.  Inns can earn additional points by bringing in a banker’s box full of supplies for Lockhart Elementary School, and for signing up with Bay Area Legal Services to do pro bono work for the Tampa community.  The Inn with the most points will win the special Congeniality award!
  • How do I get my tickets?
    • You can buy a ticket to the Justice Games online right here.  Tickets will be sold up to and including the day of the Games.  Each Inn will have someone checking in their members who will scan tickets and hand out wristbands.  Make sure that you RSVP with your Inn’s leadership so that you’ll have a wristband waiting for you at check in.  

T Shirt Questions

  • Where can I buy one of those awesome Official Justice Games T Shirts?
    • Right here from our awesome storefront with Image Depot Express!
  • How much are T Shirts?  
    • Only $8 a shirt!  
  • Can I buy more than one?
    • Absolutely!  Matching is what team T Shirts are all about.
  • If I’m not a tribute, should I still buy a T Shirt?
    • Yes.  They’re super soft, affordable, and great for showing team spirit!
  • What if I’m not in an Inn, I’m just a fan of the Justice Games?  Is there a T Shirt for me?
  • Where can I pick up my Official Justice Games T Shirt?
    • At the Justice Games Kickoff Party and Happy Hour on Wednesday, May 16th at Hidden Springs Ale Works from 5:30-7:00pm.

Event Questions

  • What do I do upon arrival?
    • Check in and get your wristband at one of the check in tables!
    • Eat, drink, try out an event in the the designated fan zone, take photos, and cheer for your favorite team.
    • If you have already purchased a ticket, simply show your ticket at the check-in table and get a wristband to enter.
    • If you have not already purchased a ticket, you can buy one at the event.
    • If you are competing in an event, look for signs directing you to the event area.  Each Inn has designated a team manager who will have all of the event information.

Tribute Questions

  • What time should I show up at the Justice Games?
    • The Justice Games start at 5:30.  There will be a brief opening ceremony, but tributes should be prepared to begin their events around 6:00.  So make sure you arrive in time to check in and grab some delicious Lakeland BBQ before your first round!
  • I’m a tribute, what should I be doing right now to get ready for the Justice Games?
    • Lift weights.  Run stadiums. Throw a frisbee in every trash can you pass.  Play trivial pursuit like you’re studying for the bar exam. Call Judge Sleet for moral support.
    • Check out the event rules to find out the details for your event.
  • How will everyone else know I’m a tribute at the Justice Games?
    • Each tribute will receive a complimentary Justice Games wristband.  Some say they aren’t as exciting as Judge Black’s gold MC Hammer pants.  But those people are wrong.

Sponsor Questions

  • Help, I want to be a Justice Games sponsor but I think I might have already missed the deadline!
    • Never fear.  We are still accepting sponsorships and have a number of really exciting rewards!  Contact Peggy Senentz at peggy@clarielaw.com for all your sponsorship needs.