Bankers Box Challenge

The Bankers Box Challenge

Benefiting Lockhart Elementary Magnet School and Lee Elementary School


The Justice Games of 2018 will feature a new event called “The Bankers Box Challenge,” which will benefit Lockhart Elementary and Lee Elementary.  Lockhart doubled in attendance this school year due to a fire at Lee Elementary.  The schools received supplies but can always use more.  Hence, the Bankers Box Challenge!

Each Inn will fill at least one Bankers Box for the students.  The Contents may be a combination of school supplies and anything the team chooses.  Inns may label supplies for either school if they have a preference.  The only rule is that each box must contain:

  • A minimum of twelve #2 pencils;
  • One ream of copy paper;
  • One package of Post-its;
  • A one-page essay on why a member of your Inn chose to work in the legal field and why he or she loves the work.

After that, it is up to each team to really think about what they want to share with the children and to fill the box with as much love and hope for the future as it may hold.  We will post a list of requested supplies and invite the school staff to attend the Justice Games to choose the winners of various categories.  Points awarded for these categories will be added to the Inn’s overall score when determining the Justice Games 2018 winner.  Be Creative and show these students we care about their success.

The categories are:

  1. Most Out-of-the-Box (2 points);
  2. Within the Four-Corners and Beyond (a.k.a., most variety) (2 points);
  3. Strength in Numbers (2 points); and
  4. I’m Going to be a Lawyer (2 points).

Let’s help to make the odds in Lockhart and Lee’s favor in this event.  Let the games begin!